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Videos that explain prediction intervals and heterogeneity

These two videos are from our online workshop on meta-analysis.
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Papers on prediction intervals and heterogeneity

Paper 1
Basics of meta-analysis: I2 is not an absolute measure of heterogeneity
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Paper 2
Research Note: In a meta-analysis, the I2 index does not tell us how much the effect size varies across studies
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Paper 3
Common Mistakes in Meta-Analysis and How to Avoid Them – Chapter on Heterogeneity

Online Workshops

Learn about our online workshop in meta-analysis.
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"This is an excellent course, well presented, step-by-step and easy to follow. Great to have all the case studies in paper and soft copy. Michael is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. I liked the stories, real life examples and openness to answer questions. He was able to make a dry topic very interesting. Also appreciated a grounded clinical perspective of what meta-analysis results infer."

Sharon Carey - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital - Sydney 2020

"This course really delivered beyond my expectations. On the one hand, the course explains the science behind Meta-Analysis. Then on the other hand, the course teaches how to use the CMA program to perform the analysis. Dr. Michael Borenstein uses easy to understand examples to teach the principles of Meta-Analysis. The section on heterogeneity was excellent. I appreciate how he uses simple logic to teach these principles."

David R. Rutledge - Global Strategic Solutions - Los Angeles 2019

"Fantastic course on the appropriate use of statistical concepts and techniques in meta-analysis without getting lost in the math. Very useful introduction to the potential of CMA software to perform various intricate analysis. Well taught and well paced for people with different backgrounds and interest."

Naresh Ramaratan - Navya Network - Los Angeles 2019

"Michael Borenstein is an extremely clear teacher. He explains meta-analyses procedures in a systematic and 'simple' way, meaning that he describes the concepts without complicated words. I got a good overview of how to use CMA in my future work. Thank you for the support to develop more self-efficacy with respect to performing meta-analyses and interpreting the results."

Silvia Titze - University of Graz, Austria

"The course has enlightened me a lot about meta-analysis. The way I look at a meta-analysis is completely different as this workshop has changed my perspective about meta-analysis completely. It is a kind of an eye opener for me. The course helped me understand the concepts of meta-analysis very clearly."

Rama Krishna Guggilla - Medical University of Bialystok - Los Angeles 2019

"Having written meta-analysis in the past, but being a clinician/academic; the course has been excellent for me. It was pitched at a level I could follow, helped me understand approaches I use and common pitfalls. I would recommend it for any clinical academic who is interested in conducting meta-analysis."

David Ekers - Durham University