Workshop Testimonials

As a professor of statistics, I was unsure whether to take the initial online course in meta-analysis, thinking that it might either be too dense and jargon-filled to be interesting (given Dr. Borenstein’s impressive credentials and knowledge base) or too basic (given that I was already teaching a course). As I finish the series now, however, I am awestruck by the quality of this offering. Dr. Borenstein is quite simply a master teacher, so he offers complex material in a completely comprehensible form, the best of both worlds. I picked up details on the statistics, the use of CMA, and the theory behind the statistics, but I also (hopefully) will model the style and clarity of his teaching style in my own work in the future. I look forward to the intermediate and advanced sessions.

– Constance J. Dalenberg, PhD
Alliant International University - Online Workshop

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About the Instructor

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Dr. Michael Borenstein, one of the authors of Introduction to Meta-Analysis, is widely recognized for his ability to make statistical concepts accessible to researchers as well as to statisticians. He has lectured widely on meta-analysis, including at the NIH, CDC, and FDA.

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Who Should Attend

This workshop is intended for researchers, clinicians, educators, statisticians, graduate students, and anyone with an interest in understanding or performing meta-analyses. Our approach is primarily conceptual rather than mathematical, and participants with only one or two statistics classes in their background should be able to fully understand the materials.

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Software Testimonials

Comprehensive Meta-Analysis (CMA) is one of those rare tools in the research arsenal that does what it is purports to and makes both the process and output understandable. I have used CMA for seven years in my own meta-analytic work and in EBP workshops and courses. The ease of learning the program application and the resulting output make for a wonderful data analysis and learning tool.

~ Chad Nye, PhD, Executive Director, University of Central Florida, Center for Autism & Related Disabilities, Orlando, FL

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About the Meta-Analysis Course

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The workshop is based on the books shown here. Learn to understand a meta-analysis, to perform a meta-analysis, and to avoid common mistakes in meta-analysis. The lectures will focus primarily on concepts and practical applications rather than formulas. You will learn to understand a published meta-analysis. You will also learn how to perform simple meta-analyses and more advanced analyses using the software Comprehensive Meta-Analysis.