Basic course

 Add to Cart  Basic course (one month)   $295
 Add to Cart  Basic course (three months)   $595

Advanced course

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 Add to Cart  Advanced course (three months)   $595

Both courses

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All options include

Unlimited access to videos (~14 hours for each course).
Unlimited access to Zoom discussions.
Unlimited access for questions related to the course.
Annotated PDFs of all videos.

Most people will complete the course material for either course in 20 hours. The extended access allows participants to take part in the zoom discussions and ask questions for an additional period of time.

The basic course is a prerequisite for the advanced course. We recommend that you register for both courses, or for the basic course alone.

For people who are teaching meta-analysis

If you're teaching a course in meta-analysis or statistics, offer your students access to these videos at no charge. Learn about this option.


"This course is an eye-opening experience regarding how to use meta-analysis, especially in the field of health sciences. Tons of information that would equip you with the tools to carry out a meta-analysis with ease and confidence. A 'must-take' course. I recommend to all my colleagues. Thank you so much, Michael."

Dr. Muneera Al-Ghanim - Kuwait University, HSC

"Our group has recently begun to conduct meta‐analyses within our area of research, i.e. psychooncology and health psychology, and we have found CMA extremely useful. CMA distinguishes itself from other available meta‐analysis software by the various options to explore and adjust for possible publication bias, as well as by providing several options to explore possible moderators, not only categorical but also continuous. We encourage our PhD students to conduct quantitative systematic reviews as a part of their dissertation whenever possible. The clear menu‐driven approach of CMA makes it easy to use for beginners, so that they can focus their energy on the analytical aspects of metaanalysis, rather than on the technical issues of using the software."

Bobby (Robert) Zachariae - Professor,, Psycho‐oncology Research Unit, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

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