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Basic Course Advanced Course

Basic course (Modules 1-4)

Basic Course (Module 1)
Basic concepts 1
Meta-Analysis where the effect size is consistent across studies

Basic Course (Module 2)
Basic concepts 2
Meta-Analysis where effect size varies across studies

Basic Course (Module 3)
How to perform and report a meta-analysis
using continuous and dichotomous outcomes

Basic Course (Module 4)
How to perform and report a meta-analysis
using incidence, correlation, and risk difference

Advanced course (Modules 5-8)

Advanced Course (Module 5)
Subgroup Analyses –
Comparing the effect size in different sets of studies

Advanced Course (Module 6)
Meta-regression –
Assessing the relationship of covariates with effect size

Advanced Course (Module 7)
Working with complex data sets
Multiple outcomes, time points, comparisons, subgroups

Advanced Course (Module 8)
Publication bias, limitations of the random effects model
Risk of bias, and other issues

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"The meta-analysis seminar was extremely clear, informative, and helpful. We were especially pleased that it was at an appropriate level for the faculty and researchers who were from various areas of specialization in health and medical sciences at our University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Thank you."

Syed S. Haque, PhD - Professor and Chairman, Department of Health Informatics, Director of Graduate Programs in Biomedical Informatics

"The course was very helpful in understanding the concepts of Meta-Analysis and the procedures, as well as in assessing the results of meta-analysis."

Nafiha Usman - Skretting Aqualculture Research Centre, Norway

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