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Can I see a sample video?

To get a sense of the course, click here to watch a sample video. This should give you a sense of how the course works.

Can I ask questions about my own data?

The zoom sessions are intended to clarify the issues covered in the videos and other general issues in meta-analysis. I would be happy to discuss your data as it relates to these issues, and to answer any questions of general interest based on your data. However, we cannot spend much time on issues that are unique to a specific dataset and not of general interest.

Course readings

There are no required readings, but the following are strongly recommended:
Introduction to Meta-Analysis (2nd Ed) Michael Borenstein, Larry V. Hedges, Julian PT Higgins, Hannah Rothstein. Wiley (2021). Available on Amazon
Common Mistakes in Meta-Analysis and How to Avoid Them. Michael Borenstein, Biostat (2019). Available on Amazon. Download a free PDF of the book.


"A succession of 'Aha' moments! Very good course!"

Julia Schröders - Umeå Centre for Global Health Research, Umeå, Sweden

"As a professor of statistics, I was unsure whether to take the initial online course in meta-analysis, thinking that it might either be too dense and jargon-filled to be interesting (given Dr. Borenstein’s impressive credentials and knowledge base) or too basic (given that I was already teaching a course). As I finish the series now, however, I am awestruck by the quality of this offering. Dr. Borenstein is quite simply a master teacher, so he offers complex material in a completely comprehensible form, the best of both worlds. I picked up details on the statistics, the use of CMA, and the theory behind the statistics, but I also (hopefully) will model the style and clarity of his teaching style in my own work in the future. I look forward to the intermediate and advanced sessions."

Constance J. Dalenberg, PhD - Alliant International University - Online Workshop

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