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The material is presented in a way that makes it sound intuitive – you will understand the logic of meta-analysis.  You will learn to perform a meta-analysis correctly and to report it properly.

One attendee wrote:

As a professor of statistics, I was unsure whether to take the initial online course in meta-analysis, thinking that it might either be too dense and jargon-filled to be interesting (given Dr. Borenstein’s impressive credentials and knowledge base) or too basic (given that I was already teaching a course).

As I finish the series now, however, I am awestruck by the quality of this offering. Dr. Borenstein is quite simply a master teacher, so he offers complex material in a completely comprehensible form, the best of both worlds.

I picked up details on the statistics, the use of CMA, and the theory behind the statistics, but I also (hopefully) will model the style and clarity of his teaching style in my own work in the future. I look forward to the intermediate and advanced sessions.

Constance J. Dalenberg, PhD, Alliant International University - Online Workshop

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"It was a very informative seminar. I feel much more confident in doing meta-analysis now. Thank you."

Karine Dubois-Comtois - University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres

"The course has enlightened me a lot about meta-analysis. The way I look at a meta-analysis is completely different as this workshop has changed my perspective about meta-analysis completely. It is a kind of an eye opener for me. The course helped me understand the concepts of meta-analysis very clearly."

Rama Krishna Guggilla - Medical University of Bialystok - Los Angeles 2019

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